isn’t it funny how sherlock went from “i’m married to my work” to this


Rose, her name was. Rose. And… we were together.

Sherlock Holmes + jawline porn


when i read fics where john and sherlock actually communicate about things i just weep because it’s such a beautiful AU

Wow I saw that picture of Benedict Cumberbatch that he signed (so jel that u got to meet him btw) and I just wanted to say how good I thought it was and how realistic. Defo one of the best drawings I have ever seen done of him. Xx

thank you so much!! <3 <3 <3 /smooches you on the cheek/ uwu


You’ve been stumbling round the fringes of this one for ages.

FUCK THIS i’m going to throw myself into the ocean

"they're putting me down too--it's no fun, is it?" sherlock doesn't even think his murder is a crime he thinks he's being PUT DOWN which is what you do to animals as the "kinder" thing, rather than letting them live in pain, dont look at me, dont touch me



There are several rooms in my mind palace that are not fit for public consumption
Benedict Cumberbatch (via admiralsushishin)
your glasses are beyond fabulous! thank you for sharing your experience. the drawing is fantastic!

ahhh thank you anon!! im blushing u///u

i met benedict cumberbatch today!! still can’t quite believe he’s real omfg

i took a photo with him and i asked him if he could do the pointy thing and he laughed and said ‘of course i can’. and he also signed this drawing i did oh god. (it says ‘Thank you so much. You are very talented.’ ;;;;;;;;;) at the panel he was super nice and thoughtful and in classic wafflebatch style he spent at least 5 minutes on each question, and he extended the q&a when the MC tried to end it uwuu

oh god today was the best day I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED